• immigration or emigration
  • international inheritance planning
  • cohabitation and matrimonial property regime
  • how a divorce affects your assets
  • working in Belgium via a foreign company (permanent establishments)
  • avoidance of double taxation
  • expatriate tax regime
  • mobility of employees (183 days rule)
  • independent personal services with fixed base in Belgium or abroad
  • tax obligations abroad: a.o. on the basis of citizenship (United States)
  • tax treatment of trusts and foreign foundations in Belgium
  • consequences abroad of Belgian donations
  • litigation with the tax administration or before the courts


FB-Private Wealth Law can advise you in resolving conflicts between the laws of different countries.

Regarding tax law we advise on Belgian tax law and Belgian double taxation treaties.

For foreign law we offer access to a very reactive network of lawyers anywhere in the world and this for all branches of law.

FB-Private Wealth Law offers a lawyer who is expert both in property law and in tax law. What you want and what the tax cost is are thus dealt with together without the immediate need for multiple advisors.